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Tulle and Trinkets

Indianapolis Fashion BloggerIndianapolis Fashion Blogger

Indianapolis Fashion Blogger

Indianapolis Fashion Blogger

Indianapolis Fashion BloggerIndianapolis Fashion BloggerIndianapolis Fashion Blogger

What I wore: Target Tee, A’reve Tulle Skirt, Sam Edelman Flats, Handbag Heaven Bag

For having a blog called “Tulle and Trinkets,” I have surprisingly little tulle in my closet. Trinkets, yes, those are sitting all over our house, but I was seriously lacking in the tulle department … until I finally found my perfect tulle skirt during the girls’ getaway with Karin. I found the skirt at a really cute boutique called Mulberry Cottage, which reminds me of Ruche, clothes-wise, but has a storefront (in other words, it’s awesome).

I love how the skirt sits at my waistline (always flattering on a pear-shape figure like mine), and I like the tea-length of it. For the skirt’s debut night out, I went really casual with the rest of my outfit with a long-sleeved tee, nude ballet flats, and a bun, naturally.

The only problem is, I need fancy…

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